Sewer Inspection Viewer

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CTSpec - Sewer Inspection Viewer

CTSpec - Sewer Inspection Viewer allows you to view the inspections contained in a CTSpec database. This fast and powerful tool will allow you to identify more easily the important elements of your inspections.



CTSpec - Sewer Inspection Viewer provides access to CTSpec in "Reader" mode. The user can navigate through the different assets, view inspections and view image and video captures.

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You can view the data in reports or view all asset information registers such as main sideways and manholes.

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If necessary, Viewer will allow you to share a specific inspection with another user of the platform.

CTSpec - Sewer Inspection Viewer Interface

Optional reporting module

  • Complete 

    Print multisection reports with a cover page, table of contents, and a global and continuous pagination. You will also be able to add indexes, comment lists, etc.

  • Customizable

    Customize your reports by creating your own report template by choosing which columns to include, and including your logo.

  • Effective

    This module allows you to be more efficient! You can print the asset sheet one at a time or in batch by choosing from the many available models. You can integrate your plans in PDF format and color the assets on the plan depending on different criterias.

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