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CTSpec Reporting

Intelligent flexible reporting

Comprehensive & flexible reporting allows you to deliver in real-time paper or electronic reports so that your client can immediately see the inspection results.

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Seamless updates

CTSpec solution is always up-to-date and compatible with all the latest technologies and standards. Even if you change your technology, we will make sure your downtime is minimized.

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We work for you. Our team provides knowledgeable and friendly support to troubleshoot any issue you happen to have, so you can go back to work faster.

CTSpec License


Our licensing is the central element for all camera operators. It offers all the needed features to inspect sewer pipelines in order to generate the video data required by your client.


Import & export data in various formats (PACP, csv, mdb, sewer.dat)
Record videos in various formats and resolutions with the added possibility to temporarily suspend recording at any time
Support all camera types (CCTV, Zoom, 3D , Pole mounted)
Choose to customize the display of the camera distance counter with a variety of character sizes, color and location
Automatic header generation at the beginning of the video containing the inspected pipe information (configurable information)
Add observation according to the standard selected while recording the video
Insert comments while recording videos
Export the daily inspections and send it to the office in one-click
Multistandard (PACP - WRC - CERIU - ASCE or personalized standard)
Regenerate the video header without video edition when a modification is required
Add an overlay of information on the video when recording (customizable)
In the asset, customize the interface for required, optional and hidden fields
Automatic photo & video file renaming according to your client's request using any of the inspection form fields
Share each client's parameters between the trucks to standardized the data collection and delivery
Analysis module allowing the user to review the recorded video, annotate observations and take pictures
Perform a quality control on completed inspections
Produce comprehensive reports in PDF formats (Including table of content, index, summary and much more)
Create your own models or start using our templates
Create your own report models or start using our templates
One-click delivery (Videos, pictures, databases, PDF reports)
Share your data using the CTSpec Cloud
Help to bill inspections


Inspect manhole using multiple standards (MACP - WRC – ASCE or personalized standards) Option
Inspect lateral pipesaccording to the LACP standard Option
Integration with various GIS (ArcGIS, JMAP)
  • Create an inspection by selecting an asset on the plan
  • Automatically insert the inspection data from the information found in the GIS table of contents
  • Show on the map the inspected assets via simple queries
  • Create thematic plan according to conditions entered during the inspection ( Pipeline structural assessment plan or plan showing roots or other conditions)
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