CTSpec - Profiler

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  • CTSpec - Profiler allows video analysis, image by image, calculates the ovalization percentage of the pipe for each image, and builds a graph to indicate the evolution of ovalization in the pipe. The video must be produced with a laser profiler system.

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CTSpec - Precision


CTSpec - Profiler detects the circle automatically left by the profilometer laser by a series image analysis. It calculates the diameter of the circle in multiple places to determine the percentage of deformation.

CTSpec - Flexibility


CTSpec - Profiler allows you to analyze the ovalization of the pipe regardless of the video format (MPG, AVI, WMV, MP4). It adapts itself to your material, thereby giving you flexibility of use. 

CTSpec - Quality


CTSpec - Profiler improved the quality of your reports by generating a graph representing the percentages of strain. An added value to your CTSpec multisection PDF reports!