CTSpec - Truck

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CTSpec - Truck is your sewer inspection software for capturing, analyzing and sharing all your CCTV inspection data. Our software will provide you with an effective tool to perform all your inspection under the latest PACP, MACP and LACP certifications. CTSpec - Truck is compatible with most, if not all, types of cameras on the market.

Optional Modules


GIS for Trucks

You can create an inspection by selecting an asset on the map or by automatically inserting inspection data from the information in the table of contents. Save time and eliminate data entry errors!



This module gives you the same quality of CTSpec inspection for the laterals as for the main pipes. The module supports the highest standards of the market (LACP 6.0, LACP 7.0).



Just like for the laterals, this module ensures you the same quality of inspection CTSpec for the manholes as for the mains pipes. The module supports the highest standards on the market (MACP 4.2, MACP 6.0, MACP 7.0, WRC 4, ASCE).

PanoramO 3D Measure

PanoramO 3D Measure

The optional Panoramo 3D Measure module allows you to take measurements in 3D video of different circular and linear elements. It also allows you to visualize a cloud of points defining in 3D the manholes.

PanoramO 3D Analysis

PanoramO 3D Analysis

Analyze  Panoramo 3D video files easily with this optional CSTpec - Truck module. You can also take photos to add to your reports.

overlay edition module

With the CTSpec Overlay Edition Module, it is now possible to edit registration information automatically. Simply change the information in the inspection record.

CTSpec - PACP7

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CTSpec - Reports


CTSpec - Truck allows you to submit a multi-section professional report with a cover page, a table of contents, indexes, color thematic maps, summaries, photos, and link between sections for quick navigation in a single PDF file.

CTSpec - Clients Management

Clients management

CTSpec - Truck also allows you to easily organize your client files. You will be able to configure the settings for each customer to ensure a constant in entering information no matter which truck is inspecting.



The integrated video recording module is a powerful and flexible tool that will allow you to deliver professional and personalized video reports.



The CTSpec solution is always up to date and compatible with all the latest technologies and standards. Even if you change your technology, we will ensure that your downtime is kept to a minimum.

Dedicated Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Service

We work for you. Our team provides an informed and user-friendly support to troubleshoot any problems you encounter so that you can return to work as quickly as possible.



Our license is the central element for all camera operators (CCTV, telephoto, 3D). It offers all the functionality needed to generate the video data required by your customer.